Food Packaging

Food packaging is constantly changing, and we’ve been doing labels and stickers for this sector since 1995. Rest assured, whatever your need or idea we can sort our the right sticker or label for your food product or brand.

Shrink wrap labels

We can create custom shaped labels that can strongly adhere to any product in any shape.

Brand it

Using plain stock packaging, no problem, at least brand such with a sticker that withstands any climate.

Stickers for your private label

Hassling to decide quantities due to minimum quantities related to packaging. Do not hassle, quantities do not matter for us since we also use digital technologies that can print from a single to a million labels.

Promo stickers?

A simple round promo sticker can literally shot up your stock turn. Try it. It’s a tied and tested sticker for retail.

Special projects

We can create seasonal stickers for seasonal products.

Explain your product

Beyond branding, it is crucial that you also explain the product you are selling. A simple sticker will make the magic.

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